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My Lithops Plant Time Lapse

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My own Time-lapse, the first one ! On a lithops blooming. Youhou !!

New version using batch cropping for a better 16:9:

Old version :

Author : me !

Time-lapse : 1 hour -> 17 seconds (fasten 211x)

So here’s the making of for my first video using time-lapse photography. Please feel free to have fun of me !

The topic : Lithops Karasmontana

The Lithops is a very small plant from South Africa. It looks like a rock. As it does not need much care, it is more and more common as a houseplant. Sometimes, it appears large flowers. The interesting thing is that the flower open during afternoon and close the rest of the day. It will keep opening and closing several weeks. I have decided to make a time-lapse photography during the closing. It takes only one hour, but that’s so long if you do not have a good equipment…!

The equipment McGyver style

The Camera

A good light cheap Canon Ixus 105 brown color. I do not have a reflex but I have 12,1 Mega pixels! A nice option, I thought about after 15 minutes of time-lapsing, is the 2s wait before flashing. I am not advicing this camera, the gurus will confirm. I am advicing to try first time-lapse with your own equipment

The Software

Windows Movie Maker was enough for this first time-lapse. I have done a Movie Maker Tutorial to create easily your first one.

How to feel like loosing one hour in your life

I have put the camera in front of the subject. I have start a chronometer and serenely, I have flashed every 20 seconds during a very very long hour. To people who think I am crazy, I was totally hangover when I did it ! That represents 180 photos with a total of 180Mo.

time-lapsing timelapsing movie recording

I swear I did it !

Self-criticism on the video realized

First, I had to cut the first 15 minutes because I did not set the two seconds delay. The framework was shaking too much. I got seasick ! I am quite surprised with global quality, the movie is fine. I thought I would have more “lags”, less smooth film. I am a bit disappointed with the changing exposure, my camera is moody ! The bad point is this crazy framing :

  • the back is moving I can see my leg !
  • the flower movements were more visible from the other side
  • A view from the top would have been better

I think a tripod will be my next investment to improve picture stability and framing possibilities. I would also need 10 interns to press the little button… any volunteer ?!


Author: Ben

After 5 years of SAP consulting in south of France, I now live in Vienna, Austria. From there I offer consulting services in France and I am learning German. Please feel free to contact me if you want to exchange informations.

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