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Imotion APP : Create your first Time-Lapse next hour !


The worst movie ever !

After downloading Imotion App on my iPAD, it took me 5 minutes to create my first video… For the sound in background, you can find it easily on internet and set it up with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

An app beginner oriented

Record your first time-lapse

Needed Equipment : Apple device (smartphone or pad)

Imotion application can be downloaded here. The app is free. Once this is done :

  • Push the button “new movie”
  • Make sure time-lapse is selected
  • Select an interval. The default interval is 5 seconds. That means for a nice movie of 10 seconds at 24 frames/second, you will need 240 frames. It will take 20 minutes !
  • Press start. Notice the movie will not start.
  • Press start again and your device will start taking pictures every 5 seconds (or the chosen interval)
  • Here’ something very important, you can pause the time-lapse, change the  option, and resume it.
  • Press Stop button + tap the screen and the movie will be automatically recorded.

To go further : go to option, change the focus to manual and back in the movie screen.  Tap the screen to focus on one point and do your time-lapse that way. In auto-focus, the device will never focus on the same point and the image will be blured. On my first movie, I was not in manual, you can see images seems to change all the time.

Work on the movie

Another thing very powerful is that you can work on the movie.

  • Go to home screen
  • Select “my movies”, you will see your movie just recorded
  • Press tools and here you can pause the movie to delete a frame.

This point is really important, only one frame disturbed by something and the viewer will catch it. DO NOT HESITATE to delete a bad picture. On the mass of frames, it won’t affect your final movie.

You know just have to save your movie ! Sweet !


Author: Ben

After 5 years of SAP consulting in south of France, I now live in Vienna, Austria. From there I offer consulting services in France and I am learning German. Please feel free to contact me if you want to exchange informations.

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