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Lemon Tree Blooming Time-lapse

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Here’s my second Plant time-lapse taking my Lemon Tree while blooming..

Time-lapse : 48 hours –> 30 seconds (fasten 5760x)

Film review : you can achieve this result without camera !

The Lemon Tree

I really appreciate the lemon tree for this faculty of growing inside my dry appartment. The last weeks, the tree developped plenty of flowers changing in lemons. Half of them dried and fell down but the others are in good way to enhance my next fish !

A fast blooming but a very slow process getting to a lemon

At the beginning I wanted to target the change from the flower to the lemon, but the process is a way too slow. After 2 thousands pictures and 4 days, I have been thinking it was too much for my iPad. As well, it was pretty risky as not all flowers were getting to a lemon.

Making-of : Thank you iMotion for helping

I barely just had to put my iPad in front on the tree, set the parameters of iMotion and that’s it. i am not that satisfied of picture quality, I think i did not focus manually… I am not even following my own tutorial !! The general light is not good and we can see the big diference when it is natural sun light. The music is a bit sad but I found myself relaxing watching the video several times.

Author: Ben

After 5 years of SAP consulting in south of France, I now live in Vienna, Austria. From there I offer consulting services in France and I am learning German. Please feel free to contact me if you want to exchange informations.

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