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Timelapse Tutorial for CDHK on Camera Canon Ixus 105


You have downloaded and installed CDHK on your camera, now let’s practice a timelapse. Please notice that all the screenshots are for a Camera Canon Ixus 105 but it will be approximatively the same for any other camera.

I – Build your own Hollywood !

Ok let’s start with a check list :

  1. Camera battery full with CDHK
  2. SD card
  3. Tripod (unless 78 books will fit !)
  4. A topic (No your kid do not want to be on the web at 3 years old !)
  5. A computer
  6. A coffee strength 12 on Nespresso scale

That equipment will let you record for only three hours – before the battery failed. If you need more, (and you will need more), you have to buy a ack-DCXX (Canon only). Another crazy name for a plug ! My Ixus 105 does not support it. Anyway I will think about all that pain in the ass later.

So, the main challenge is to create a nice, smooth & beautiful movement.  Three solutions from the easiest to the hardest :

I.1 – Timelapse with topic moving

Pretty easy, install your camera and target a cloud looking like a Ford Mustang or whatever. Trust me the killer bunny of Monty Python is a way too quick but your heavy old farting bulldog could be fine! My website is about plant, so we will focus on that one. You can go with this solution in case of the fast blooming of some cactus or the Rose of Jericho.

I.2 – Timelapse with you moving the topic

That’s the opportunity to create a fake movement, like in my first timelapse. Select an object and slowly move it between each pictures. I have chosen this solution because it is winter time and even in 15 days my house-plants do not grow a single inch! My topic is my Ficus looking really bad… I will take advantage of this stupid video to ask for some HELP to cure it ! You can see the result at the end of this post.

I.3 – Timelapse with camera moving

This option will require a top equipment to reproduce a nice and smooth movie. It is exactly like travelling in cinema :

travelling, rail, traveling, bird, animal, nature

Manual travelling technique

On this picture, it is far from being the best as you need a tough guy with a nice moustache to slowly move the cameraman on rails ! Please notice, that small equipement fitting cameras are sold, but the price are really crazy ! And of course you don’t want your house to look like a railway station !

II – Start the Timelapse with CDHK

ENOUGH with this long and boring first part, time to configure the camera :

The first step, is to check your SD card is locked, otherwise the CHDK will not start when you turn on your camera.

You can see here with SD card unlocked :

Canon Ixus105

Canon Ixus 105 with no CDHK

With SD card locked :

Ixus105, hack, configure, hacked, SD, card

Canon Ixus 105 with CDHK

This is tiny, but you “can” see on screen bottom some special writting. Here’s “Time-lapse” and  “<Alt>”. If it is still not OK, press “alt” button (CDHK common vocabulary). On Ixus 105, it will be “Disp” button.

OK, I can see “Time-lapse” inscription on my screen. Sounds good. Now I just need to configure the timelapse script (new CDHK function). Just press “Menu” button, here we are :

options, CDKH, ixus105, canon

CDHK menu on ixus 105

Now, I am getting to option “Scripting” using classic movement buttons of my camera. Everybody’s OK ? No ? Ok, another picture :

scripts, opion, ixus105, hack

Scripting Option on Ixus 105

Then, I set all time-lapse options. For this first tutorial, we will go through the main ones :

  • Shoot delay (does not matter, you can always delete the first pictures)
  • Shoot interval min (Time between frames in minute)
  • Shoot interval se (Time between frames in second)
  • Number of repeat (Number of frames you want to take)
  • Endless mode (0 = No, 1 = Yes) so up to battery capacity

I went to 20 seconds, so I have plenty of times to move my topic and in endless mode:

slow, motion, config

Option for time-lapse CDHK

You are now ready to go, just need to press the camera trigger. I have found out, it was not that easy, sometimes it starts, sometimes not, sometimes it is just a single picture like in normal mode but nothing unbeatable.

Again a great THANK YOU for CDHK community for all this and the nice screen showing time before next picture and the number of frames.

slow, motion, execute, CDHK

My canon Ixus 105 during time-lapse

III – The video of Ficus moving using CDHK

If a plant doctor went through all this, help me to save my Ficus !

Author: Ben

After 5 years of SAP consulting in south of France, I now live in Vienna, Austria. From there I offer consulting services in France and I am learning German. Please feel free to contact me if you want to exchange informations.

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  1. CDHK etc not understood. I have canon Ixus 105 And want to know priliminary/basics of photoghaphy with it.

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