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Time-lapse photography of Plant : Videos & Techniques

Phalaenopsis Blooming Video Home made !

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A new timelapse using the very easy app Imotion on my Ipad. I have caught my phalaenopsis blooming over one week.

Author : Ben Timelapse

Time-lapse : 1 week –> 1 minute (speed up 10.000 times)

Film review : another timelapse with Imotion app.

My phalaenopsis offered me a good new try on timelapse. I have set everything a bit early as I took around 1500 useless pictures where the bud did not move. Afterwards everything happened in few days.

To make the movie I have used a very simple software just taking pictures and creating a .avi movie. I will share it to you as soon as possible. I am trying to contact the author in vain as the software is in french.

You can barely see in the movie a smooth “pan and zoom” effect, I have done it using live windows movie maker but it is not what I was expecting and I cannot play with parameters. All the soft I have found on internet need a licence. If anyone know a free software to create a pan and zoom effect, please tell me.

Author: Ben

After 5 years of SAP consulting in south of France, I now live in Vienna, Austria. From there I offer consulting services in France and I am learning German. Please feel free to contact me if you want to exchange informations.

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