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All in One blooming Timelapse Video

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After more than one year, I am back to my blog ! So first sorry for the followers, then here’s a very nice timelapse with a lot of flowers updated in july 2014.

Author : Rumble Science

Time-lapse : between 1 and 10 minutes each picture

Camera : Fufijilm Finepix HS30EXR

The word of the author

David De Lossan, the author, explains everything here.

But it is in spanish, so I will do my best to translate what he is saying.

Since 9 months and 50.000 pictures (from which I used 5000 to make the video), I have finally achieved my first timelapse. I was first looking for all the flowers blooming quickly. Here’s the list : gladioli, lillium, hibiscus, carnations, orchids, dandelions, lilies, daisies, to lstroemerias , peonies and nigella damask.

The timelapse has been recorded in a small corner, using a black screen and an old bridge Fufijilm Finepix HS30EXR. Pictures loaded in JPG, changed a bit (saturation) with lightroom and create the video with Sony Vegas.

The biggest difficulty is when the flower is leaving the frame or loosing the focus. Also, memory card or bulb failing, bugs entering the show and of course the flower not opening.


I really appreciate the music in this video (Point of no return from Roger Subirana) and everything is a great job.  The ones I would like to highlight are :

Nigella damask : 34”

– Lilies : 1’34”

– dandelion : 2’12”

Carnations : 1’58” (it is like synchronized swimming !)

Thank you David for this great performance. Hope you keep going with timelapses.

Author: Ben

After 5 years of SAP consulting in south of France, I now live in Vienna, Austria. From there I offer consulting services in France and I am learning German. Please feel free to contact me if you want to exchange informations.

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