Plant Time-lapse

Time-lapse photography of Plant : Videos & Techniques


Blog claiming : Easy Do It Yourself Time-Lapse

The aim of this Blog is to develop time-lapse photography in a way everybody can try it at home. I will always try to look for good solutions with cheap equipment.

I am starting the Blog as I am starting the time-lapse. So be careful when reading the first posts and do not hesitate to help ! During the first months I will focus on Plant Time Lapse found on the web, I will classify films among several categories and criticize the result (design & techniques).

Watch the nature fasten 50.000 times !

This Blog will focus on plant only for several reasons :

  1. The length of a nice change can go from few hours (blooming) to several years (growing)
  2. A plant stay still and you can move it to create a nice framing
  3. You never realized your plants are growing because is too slow
  4. Sunrise, sunset, cloud moving are a bit boring…!

Dear visitors, I hope you will enjoy the visit, watching nature as you have never seen before. Fasten your seatbelt !


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Ben! Can I use one of your time-lapse videos in my project in a MOOC? My idea is to develop a mobile app where users can play your video as they interact with the app. Thank you!

    • Hi Rhene ! No problem 🙂
      Could you tell me a bit more about your project ?
      Look forward to see the result !

      • Thanks a lot Ben! The MOOC is “Interactive Computer Graphics” and it is being offered by University of Tokyo through Coursera. Our final project is to program an ICG using any medium.

        So my project focuses on image/video processing. And it’s simple. The user taps on the screen and tries to follow a path (like an invisible maze). If the user’s path is correct, your video plays forward. But if the user makes a mistake, then the video plays backwards and the user tries again until the plant fully grows.

        I’ll upload it on Google Play and send you the link or I’ll just send it here. By the way, you have an excellent collection of time-lapse videos.

      • I cannot wait for it !!! Is it ready on Google play now ? Which video did you select ?

  2. Hi Ben,
    My Name is Serena, I work for a tv show called Nautilus, hosted by Rai (the Italian Public Television)
    It’s a scientific tvshow, our target are the young students of highschool, our aim is only educative, not commercial.
    I really like your works and I’d like to use it in our show, if you don’t mind.
    Do you think it’s possible?
    Is there an email where I can reach you?


    • Dear Serena,

      Thank you very much for your message. I am trying to collect different plant timelapse videos, but I did myself very few of it. Before using a video, you should ask the author. And I have the regret to say that if you want to use all the videos, you should contact all authors. But BTW, if you can tell me more about this project (, would be a pleasure for me to help you !



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